v0.24 - Kubernetes Connectivity Fixes

April 16, 2020

As part of this week's updates (v0.24), we've worked on some quality improvements on Infra.app.

1. Cluster connectivity improvements

Many of you wrote to us regarding connectivity problems, especially for Kubernetes clusters hosted on EKS. We've now fixed most of them.

Thank you to so many of you for jumping on Zoom calls with us to troubleshoot this live. It's awesome that we can now bring the bug fixes to many more people.

We are aware there are still connectivity problems for clusters set up with RBAC. This is very important to us, and we are working on an update for that. If you are still running into cluster connectivity problems not due to RBAC, please let us know so we can address it quickly.

2. Events page now shows events from related resources correctly

On the events page, we will now show events from related resources. This will help as you troubleshoot a specific workload and want to check if related resources are potentially causing the issue or impacted by this as well.  

3. Fixes for log search

We've many search improvements. One of the bugs reported regarding search not highlighting in some cases is fixed.

v0.23 - CronJobs, Jobs, Pods & More

April 1, 2020

This week, we're excited to bring you updates many of you have been asking for, and it's one of our biggest updates yet (v0.23).

1. Support for cronjobs, jobs and individual pods.

These resources are now listed on the main workload page with their own details page.

2. Automatic detection of your environment (your paths and shell) for improved connectivity to your Kubernetes cluster

In this update, we've changed the underlying code to ensure a successful connection to your Kubernetes cluster. If kubectl works, Infra.app will work, and vice versa. If you run into any issues after this update, please reach out, and we will make sure to work with you to address any defect.

3. Container level logs filtering

You can now filter containers/sidecars by clicking the container name in the logs view.

4. Other bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where filtering logs would clear search query
  • Fixed sorting behaviour for a number of pods
  • Fixed an issue where changing context via CLI to the same current context would change the page the user is on in Infra.app

Again, thank you to many of you for being so active with your feedback and feature requests. We've read through them all and are considering how we can best address them without increasing the learning curve for Infra.app.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, feature requests or run into any problems.

If you prefer to manually download the update, it's available here.

v0.22 - Performance and Reliability improvements

March 31, 2020

We're back with our weekly updates (v0.22) after a big bug squash session.

The major theme for this week is performance and reliability. The data within Infra.app should update in real-time, and we saw from some of your reports / live troubleshooting sessions that there was a problem with stale data. This should now be fixed along with many of the requested bug fixes (changelog below).

Thank you to everyone who's sent in bug reports, feature requests and information on your setup. It's super helpful to us as we build out Infra. Some of the features suggested by you are already in the works -- many will take some time as we go through a couple of iterations on the design.  

We're super excited about what's to come! If you prefer to manually download the update, it's available at https://infra.app/download

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Some users have experienced stale data. We've changed how Infra.app performs data refreshes, especially when the computer sleeps/resumes from sleep
  • If the connection to a Kubernetes cluster is lost, Infra.app will try to automatically reconnect without spamming the cluster
  • Fetching Workloads now will use less data - and speed is improved
  • Fixed issue where metrics would temporarily show 0.00 for all workloads when switching clusters
  • Fixed issue where configmaps would not appear in Workload Overview page
  • Fixed sidebar namespaces flickering when changing clusters
  • "Show System Workloads" will be on by default if there are no other workloads
  • Infra.app will now only fetch the logs since last seen up to 50k lines (older logs are cached)
  • Fixed an issue where logs will stop streaming when pods are added / removed from Workload
  • Fixed an issue where logs stream will delay when pods are restarted
  • Fixed issue where connectivity errors not linked to the workload would show up as lines in workload logs

v0.21 - Added container image names

April 1, 2020

Welcome to another weekly update from Infra.app.

This week, we've added the ability to show the current container images used in a workload from the Overview page. This is useful for troubleshooting which version of the container image you're running - especially for testing rollouts.

Workload configuration data

This past week, after adding support for multiple kubeconfigs, we received feedback from some of you regarding Kubeconfig files not loading correctly. Infra.app will now display an error message if the kubeconfig cannot be loaded properly for troubleshooting purposes.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback, feature requests, and jumped on Zoom calls with us to troubleshoot. We have a lot more planned.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, feature requests or run into any problems.

v0.20 - Support Multiple Kubeconfig Files

April 1, 2020

This week, we are bringing you the ability to add multiple kubeconfig files in Infra.app (v0.20). For all of you who e-mailed or used the send feedback button to share that feedback, Thank you!

Now in the cluster dropdown menu, you can select "Add Configuration" or use the hotkey ⌘+O to open the file picker. From there, you can simply navigate to other folders to add separate kubeconfig files.

Switching clusters to an added kubeconfig file will not change your kubectl kubeconfig. Please make sure when using the command line to use the right kubeconfig.
Example: kubectl --kubeconfig additional_kubeconfig.yaml get deployment

Infra.app does not store a local copy of the kubeconfig you've added. If you change its filename or its location, they will automatically be removed from Infra, and you will be required to add it back.


New Features:

  • Ability to add multiple Kubernetes configuration files

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where cluster's data would render incorrectly if switching clusters quickly
  • Performance improvements

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