v0.35 - YAML Editing Now Available

April 12, 2021

Today, we are releasing Infra App v0.35 which includes the ability for editing and applying YAML files directly within the app.

This update also fixes many of the bugs early access users have reported. If you find any specific bugs, please do reach out to us so we can get in the fixes before we reach 1.0.

Next update, we will focus a lot of our energy on supporting more Kubernetes resources. If you have other requests, please contact us to let us know.

Other changes for this week:

  • Fixed rare bug where cluster memory usage would show NaN
  • Added link to docs when a connectivity error occurs
  • Back/forward buttons now ignore tab changes
  • Fixed a bug where application list would flash empty while Infra App reconnects a lost connection to the cluster
  • Fixed a performance issue on MacOS Big Sur developer beta on initial load and when switching clusters
  • Fixed window border visual bug on MacOS Big Sur

If you want to try the Windows version, it's available for download here:

Download link: https://download.infra.app/win32/

For Mac and Linux, it's available for download here:

Download link: https://infra.app/download

Please note, the Windows version is still new and will require you to go through the Windows SmartScreen. This will be resolved in the future.

When you see the SmartScreen, please click More Info, and Run anyway. The company name 2713355 Ontario Inc. is what we have registered as in Canada - where we reside.

Thank you for giving us feedback during early access. Please reach out if you have more feature requests or bug reports. I'm so excited and can't wait until we get to 1.0!

Please note: Linux version does not auto-update yet. Please download the updated binary from https://infra.app/download

Thank you for being an early access user, and helping us make the necessary improvements!

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