v0.42 - Biggest update yet - All Resources now available!

April 12, 2021

This week we launched Infra App 0.42. It's our biggest update yet with All Resources tab and so much more quality of life changes (see full changelog below). Now you can easily search and find the CRDs, Secrets, and other resources you care about directly in Infra App as you troubleshoot or want to check the status / resource utilization quickly after a change.

In this release, we've tweaked the wording of our left-hand navigation bar to better reflect how many of you use our app today with Browse for browsing all your Kubernetes resources and applications.

Through this view, we are introducing two top navigation tabs to help you view the often important types of workloads (Applications tab), and all the other Kubernetes resources (All Resources tab). If you are looking to filter for particular namespaces, you can select a namespace to filter for on the left navigation bar.

For specific resources like a Secret, we automatically hide the sensitive data. In this case, a "Reveal & Edit" button will be available to view the data. This way, if you are sharing screenshots or screen sharing via Zoom calls, your secrets are not leaked unless purposefully clicking the reveal button.

The Utilization tab replaces the Cluster tab as we improve Infra App to help you view your resource utilization all the way from cluster-level to individual pods level.

The changes for the 0.41 release


  • View & edit any resource in the cluster under "All Resources"
  • New, streamlined toolbar look & feel for a consistent experience searching across workloads, resources, logs and YAML code
  • See node roles when viewing utilization across nodes
  • Removed namespace column when browsing applications or resources in a namespace
  • Events are now cached to for a consistent experience when switching tabs
  • New app icon on macOS
  • System applications are not shown under Browse, but they are available under the kube-system namespace


  • Container names are no longer shown if the app pods only have one container
  • Enable & disable individual containers to filter out noisy sidecar containers


  • Navigate the app with keyboard shortcuts
  • cmd/ctrl 1-4 to cycle through tabs
  • cmd/ctrl + f to search applications, resources, YAML, Logs
  • cmd/alt + ← and cmd + [ to go back
  • cmd/alt + → and cmd + ] to go forward
  • cmd/ctrl + shift + b to navigate to Browse
  • cmd/ctrl + shift + u to navigate to Utilization
  • Mouse back/forward to go back & forwards
  • Workloads view is now named Browse
  • Cluster view is now named Utilization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the workload view with services would be horizontally scrollable
  • Fixed bug where hotkeys would not trigger when YAML editor or search bar were active
  • Fixed issue where YAML editor text & colors would flash
  • Fixed issue where the app's window shadow would flash when opening it from the dock
  • Fixed bug where idle containers waiting for init containers would show "Running".
  • Fix bug where Node IP addresses would be wrapped unnecessarily
  • Kubectl edit now calculates and submits only the changes you've made (it previously did a strategic merge of the entire document). This fixes error such as "resource has already been modified" you may have seen in previous versions.

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