v0.39 - Improved initial loading time + accessibility improvements

April 12, 2021

For the Infra App v0.39 release, we have focused on making improvements in the initial workload loading time and a couple of accessibility tweaks.

We are continuing to work hard to address performance issues on larger clusters. Thank you for giving us feedback to iterate on this with us. We have so many more features to come!

The changes for the 0.39 release

  • Improved initial workload loading time
  • Fixed issue where container images listing would be formatted incorrectly
  • Added the ability to Zoom in and out for accessibility
  • Tweaked gray colors to improve accessibility
  • Tweaked the upgrade modal when switching clusters when on free tier to improve user experience
  • Low-severity vulnerability fixes  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,
Michael Chiang
Co-Founder, Infra App

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