v0.29 - General fixes and improvements

April 12, 2021

In our v0.29 update, we wanted to address a lot of the issues reported by our users. Here is a list of the changes as we continue to build in more features.


  • Kubeconfigs with absolute certificate paths will no longer lead to an error
  • Improved performance when viewing clusters with (50+) workloads or pods
  • Infra App no longer prevents sleeping on MacOS
  • Infra App will now correctly show itself in the foreground when starting for the first time or when an auto-update is ready
  • Fixed a bug where hiding the window on MacOS didn't work after quitting the app to background mode and restoring it
  • Fixed a bug where quitting the app while in fullscreen would cause issues in the title bar when restoring

Thank you for your amazing feedback and for sharing Infra App with your teammates and friends. We really appreciate it. If you want to download or share Infra App, it's now available for direct download on our site. https://infra.app/download

Please note: Linux version does not have auto-update yet.

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