v0.28 - Menu bar app + Utilization improvements

April 12, 2021

For Infra App v0.28, we are launching a whole new menu bar app along with changes in how we calculate CPU / Memory utilization requests/limits. This menu bar app will provide the foundation for some of the features we've been working on, and I want to share some of that with you today.

Menu bar app - Notifications / Cluster statuses coming in the future

Many of you have told us when using Infra App that you're looking for instant insights into what is happening inside your Kubernetes cluster - statuses, events, logs and other data to ultimately answer some fundamental questions. Is my app up? How do I find the golden metrics (latency, traffic, errors, saturation of services) quickly? Can I get notified about potential issues?

Infra App being a desktop app can start providing quick notifications on the apps or services that you care about. Below are screenshots of what we've been working on. In this example, my WordPress app had a pod that went down, and Infra App automatically notified me. And clicking on the notification will take me directly to the Workload page for me to start troubleshooting.  

For multi-clusters or clusters with many errors, Infra App can start showing warning icons for you to check.

We want your feedback on this as we iterate on this experience before releasing it. Please contact us at contact@infra.app to give us your thoughts or use the feedback button directly from the app.

Other changes in v0.28:

  • We've changed how we calculate utilization - Infra App will no longer include init container limits or requests for CPU / Memory utilization
  • Fixed a bug where app would go blank when clicking on a workload
  • Fixed a bug where CPU / Memory utilization shows 0% when viewing workloads in a cluster with limited access (for RBAC-enabled clusters)
  • Fixed a bug where CronJob and Jobs would not stay up to date when viewing workloads in a cluster with RBAC enabled
  • When adding a new clusters via "Add Configuration", Infra App will now allow users to add non-yaml KubeConfig files

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