v0.25 - Linux version, RBAC support, and cluster refresh fixes

April 12, 2021

This week (v0.25) we are rolling out many quality-of-life fixes in the app many of you wrote to us about -- fixes for stagnant data, cluster switching errors, and unable to work with clusters configured with RBAC.

1. Ubuntu Linux support now available

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in having a Linux version available to use either on your other workstation or for sharing with your teammates who are only on Linux, we've now made it available. The direct download is available at https://infra.app/download

2. RBAC support

We've made changes to Infra.app to support RBAC configured on many of your clusters. Infra.app will now require fewer permissions to access your clusters.

  • For users with only access to one namespace, Infra.app will scope everything to that and show you the resources in that namespace
  • For users with access to multiple namespaces and/or have permissions modified, Infra.app will scope everything to the namespace defined in your Kubeconfig file or the default namespace if nothing is configured. Improved support for this use case will come in the future.

3. Fixes for stagnant data and connectivity issues when switching clusters

Many of you have pinged us regarding data stream not being live. We've looked into this and made many improvements in this area. Your data should be live-streaming and we will work to make that experience good. In the case of network disconnects, waking up from sleep, etc, Infra.app will now detect connectivity to the cluster and make the necessary back-off to try reconnecting when your network or cluster is back.

Thank you for the amazing feedback and share. We really appreciate it. If you want to download or share Infra.app, it's now available for direct download on our site. https://infra.app

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