v0.24 - Kubernetes Connectivity Fixes

April 12, 2021

As part of this week's updates (v0.24), we've worked on some quality improvements on Infra.app.

1. Cluster connectivity improvements

Many of you wrote to us regarding connectivity problems, especially for Kubernetes clusters hosted on EKS. We've now fixed most of them.

Thank you to so many of you for jumping on Zoom calls with us to troubleshoot this live. It's awesome that we can now bring the bug fixes to many more people.

We are aware there are still connectivity problems for clusters set up with RBAC. This is very important to us, and we are working on an update for that. If you are still running into cluster connectivity problems not due to RBAC, please let us know so we can address it quickly.

2. Events page now shows events from related resources correctly

On the events page, we will now show events from related resources. This will help as you troubleshoot a specific workload and want to check if related resources are potentially causing the issue or impacted by this as well.  

3. Fixes for log search

We've many search improvements. One of the bugs reported regarding search not highlighting in some cases is fixed.

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