v0.23 - CronJobs, Jobs, Pods & More

April 12, 2021

This week, we're excited to bring you updates many of you have been asking for, and it's one of our biggest updates yet (v0.23).

1. Support for cronjobs, jobs and individual pods.

These resources are now listed on the main workload page with their own details page.

2. Automatic detection of your environment (your paths and shell) for improved connectivity to your Kubernetes cluster

In this update, we've changed the underlying code to ensure a successful connection to your Kubernetes cluster. If kubectl works, Infra.app will work, and vice versa. If you run into any issues after this update, please reach out, and we will make sure to work with you to address any defect.

3. Container level logs filtering

You can now filter containers/sidecars by clicking the container name in the logs view.

4. Other bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where filtering logs would clear search query
  • Fixed sorting behaviour for a number of pods
  • Fixed an issue where changing context via CLI to the same current context would change the page the user is on in Infra.app

Again, thank you to many of you for being so active with your feedback and feature requests. We've read through them all and are considering how we can best address them without increasing the learning curve for Infra.app.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, feature requests or run into any problems.

If you prefer to manually download the update, it's available here.

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