v0.19 - Terminal (container exec) + Pod Deletion

April 12, 2021

This week we've introduced some new Pod management features, including an in-app terminal for executing commands inside a container:

Also included in this update is the ability to delete a Pod, and view it's logs via the Pod list:

New Features:

  • In-app Terminal for container exec
  • Pod deletion
  • Hotkeys for Workloads page: ⌘+1 Overview tab, ⌘+2 Logs tab, ⌘+3 Events tab ⌘+4 YAML tab

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Log streaming performance improvements
  • Improved ConfigMap table formatting
  • Pods table is now sorted by pod creation time (after status)
  • If pod limits and requests aren't set, workload usage % is now shown as a % of cluster capacity
  • Fixed a bug where logs would flash or show loading on view (even when logs were already available)
  • Fixed an issue of displaying workloads when switching clusters rapidly

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